Our method

We select the best durum wheat semolina

Delverde uses high-quality durum wheat semolina with a high protein content from the best wheat, predominantly from Italy and abroad, to produce a pasta with high nutritional qualities, better flavour and perfect texture, always “al dente”. On top of this, Delverde has a GMO-free guarantee and uses certified raw ingredients for its Organic and Organic Wholewheat lines, which use 100% Italian wheat.

Bronze dies

We use bronze dies as part of our pasta-making process.

This is the stage when the pasta is extruded through a special machine called “trafila”, gently scraping the surface of the pasta and creating a pleasant, rough texture in order to create a tastier product and retain sauces better. Furthermore, this process allows pasta to keep a bright, delicate yellow colour, that recalls the colour of gold and wheat.

Slow drying

As tradition dictates, Delverde pasta is dried at a low temperatureto preserve all the natural fragrance and flavour of durum wheat. The decision to opt for a slow, gentle drying process allows us to preserve the quantity and quality of proteins and preserve the original taste of fresh durum wheat semolina.